Friday, August 24, 2012

Meals from My First Four Weeks

I have lost 20 lbs with my new life style.  I will be posting photos of my meals starting Monday 08/27/12.  You can view the meals I ate during the last four weeks (from 07/28/12 to 08/26/12) on my Facebook page.

I hope this helps!  God Bless

Why I Started the My Meal Life Blog

Hello, I'm Arrion.  Four weeks ago I began sharing my meals on Facebook to help me keep track of my eating habits and to share them with others.  Call me crazy but I was reading an article that suggested I keep a photo diary of the food I ate during the day. So I took it a step further and began adding snapshots of my meals to my news feed on Facebook.  It was also an accountability thing. Let the "world" know what I'm eating and maybe I'll be more selective of my foods. It got very popular among some of my Facebook friends so I decided to start blogging about it.  I have lost 20 pounds so far. I hope this helps others on their journey as well.  This is my very first blog EVER so bare with me and offer suggestions to help!  Thanks for reading.